3 Tips for Avoiding Injury as an HVAC Technician

Frequently, when we think of jobs that carry heavier-than-normal risks of injury, we imagine those who work in construction, high-speed kitchens, and personnel such as police officers and security guards. However, even jobs that seem comparatively less demanding can often come with their own occupational hazards.

Here, we’re going to go over some of the risks that HVAC technicians and repair personnel are commonly exposed to, as well as some precautions that they can take to avoid injury. If you or somebody you know has suffered an injury on the job, remember to get a hold of The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, your workers’ comp attorney in Atlanta, GA.

  1. Make Protection Your Priority

The best way to stay safe while on the job is to make protection a priority. Anytime you are exposed to dust, chemicals, or other debris, remember to use protective equipment such as a respirator to avoid inhaling any harmful substances.

Further, also make sure to wear goggles or some sort of face shield to protect your eyes from harmful exposure. Remember to wear gloves when handling particles or anything that has the potential to cut you.

  1. Avoid Heavy Lifting Strains

The equipment an HVAC technician works with on a daily basis is heavy, and no matter what sort of shape you’re in, your muscles will want to give in at a certain point. Instead of placing the bulk of your weight on your legs, try using them as a stabilizer instead. Whenever possible, use lifting helpers like carts or dollies.

  1. Beware Shoulder and Neck Injuries

Most HVAC work is performed overhead or on elevated surfaces, requiring technicians to get into unusual positions. Over time, your shoulders and neck can become sore, often leading to pulled muscles or other injuries. Make a point of doing proper stretching and strength training regularly to help stay in peak physical condition. Also, ask your manager or employer if braces and other safety equipment are available for workers.

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