4 Ways To Prevent Workplace Injuries

Regardless of what line of work you’re in, it is important for everyone to stay safe on the job. Just because a construction worker can have a higher risk of injury than someone working nine to five in an office, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk of getting injured on any given day that you go to work. When you add up the medical bills, the lost productivity and the hardship of dealing with an injury, getting injured on the job can be quite the setback.

Here at the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers, we continue to fight for injured workers throughout the state of Georgia. There are several different ways that you can prevent workplace injuries. Follow these four tips to avoid ending up injured or hurt on the job.


Stay Limber

Showing up and immediately beginning work can lead to an array of injuries. Stretching before doing any physical work can help prevent injuries like pulling a muscle or throwing your back out. Those older can also benefit from stretching at the end of their shift to make getting out of bed the next day much easier.


Wear Protective Equipment

It is vital that you receive all protective equipment before starting a job that demands the need for protective gear. It is also important for those in charge to make sure wearing the safety gear is always enforced.


No Shortcuts

While it’s always important to find a way to maximize your workflow, we don’t recommend using shortcuts that put you at risk of getting injured. Safely following all instructions for the work you are given will help lower your risk of getting injured.


Stay Organized

While it’s possible for your area to change on the work site constantly, it’s crucial that you make sure the area is not dirty and unorganized. Leaving tools and debris around where you’re working can lead to a severe trip and fall injury.

Those looking for representation following a work injury should look no further than the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson. Serving Atlanta as workman comp attorneys, we look forward to fighting for your rights and getting you back on your feet.