5 Common Questions your Atlanta Accident Lawyer Will Ask You

If you are involved in a car accident, it is a good idea to seek representation as soon as possible. Even if you think you suffered no injuries, protecting your rights is a smart move.

You might feel fine now, but what if you wake up tomorrow with excruciating neck pain or a knee that seems locked in place? Injuries from a car accident are not always apparent, and failing to see a lawyer promptly could interfere with your ability to seek damages when problems arise.

When you do seek help from an Atlanta auto accident lawyer, you can expect them to ask you a series of questions. Before you head to the office, jot down the answers to these commonly asked questions.


#1. Were There Any Passengers in the Car?

The lawyer will need the names and contact information of everyone who was in the vehicle at the time of the crash. It will be helpful if you can take those individuals with you to the meeting. If that is not possible, get a statement from each person who was in the car and ask them to describe exactly what happened from their point of view.

#2. Were There Any Witnesses?

Your accident lawyer will also need to know if there were any witnesses to the accident. Hopefully you recorded the names and contact information of any witnesses when the accident happened; that is a smart thing to do whether or not you seek representation. Be sure to bring any witness statements you obtained at the time of the crash to your meeting with the attorney.

#3. Were You Injured?

The accident lawyer will need complete information about the injuries you sustained in the crash. You will want to detail injuries that were apparent at the time of the crash – like a stiff neck or aching leg. If you felt stiff and sore the next day, you will want to note that as well.

#4. Did You Seek Medical Treatment?

Even if you only suspect an injury, it is a good idea to seek medical treatment after a car crash. Seeking medical attention promptly can help preserve your rights and firm up your case. If you did seek medical care after the accident, you will want to bring the report from the emergency room or doctor’s office with you to the meeting.

#5. What Kind of Insurance Coverage Do You Have?

In many states, drivers can choose either full tort or limited tort coverage when they purchase their insurance. Limited tort may reduce or even eliminate your ability to collect damages for pain and suffering, but that limitation does not apply in every case.

The accident lawyer will examine your insurance documents carefully to determine what your rights are and what kind of damages you can collect. Even if you chose limited tort when you purchased insurance, you should be able to collect applicable damages for medical bills and related expenses.