Workplace Brain Injury Lawyer

workplace brain injury lawyer atlanta gaAsk any experienced lawyer in Atlanta, GA, and they’ll tell you that, tragically, even the smallest misstep can cause traumatic workplace brain injury. One-fifth of such trauma occurs when a worker falls on an uneven or wet surface, or a surface blocked by objects that pose a tripping hazard. Most of these incidents affect younger workers, those between 25 and 35, but workers 65 and older are at greatest risk for injuries that prove fatal.

Industries in Athens and Macon, GA and throughout the state with the highest risk of brain injury include construction, fishing, forestry, transportation, agriculture and emergency medical services, where workers are regularly at risk for machinery accidents, vehicle accidents, falling objects and toxic chemical exposure. But they can happen even in workplaces where employees remain seated at desks—all it takes a slip in the break room to cause head trauma.

Even a mild brain injury can cause symptoms such as mood swings, balance problems, memory lapses, and fatigue, all of which can affect the injured person’s quality of life and ability to work—quite possibly for the rest of their life. The most severe complications include coma and death.

This type of trauma and its consequences can be frightening and cause serious doubts about your or a loved one’s future. From altered quality of life to enormous medical fees, this kind of harm often leaves an indelible mark on people’s lives. For that reason, it’s crucial that injured employees seek the help of an experienced head injury compensation attorney based in Macon, GA or elsewhere in the state. Darwin Johnson is a highly-regarded lawyer serving Macon, Atlanta, Athens and elsewhere who specializes in winning settlements for personal injuries, including those sustained in the workplace.

Clients of Darwin Johnson receive personalized attention from the start. Immediately, they understand that they are in the hands of a capable lawyer who will be as compassionate and supportive towards his clients as he is tough and tenacious in the courtroom. After suffering a workplace brain injury, clients may find the prospect of dealing with insurance companies daunting and complicated. With the help of a lawyer, however, the heavy lifting of building a case is taken off their hands, and they have a better chance of winning the settlement they deserve for lost wages, medical bills, suffering and another complications.

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