Can You File a Workers’ Comp Claim for a Mental Injury?

Many individuals wonder if they can receive workers’ comp for mental health injuries. While workers’ comp is usually equated with physical injuries, psychological and psychiatric injures can also occur. Though it may be nearly impossible to see them, their effects on a worker are every bit as valid. Under workers’ compensation laws, to be eligible for compensation, a worker must sustain an injury that arises out of and occurs in the course of employment.

Particular work environments can be especially stressful, and experiencing a traumatic event or situation can lead to mental injuries for any employee.

Types of Mental Workers’ Comp Claims in Georgia

In Georgia, like in most states, there exist multiple types of mental claims under workers’ compensation. Check out this infographic to learn more about them:

In any case that involves a mental injury, your workers’ comp lawyer in Atlanta can help fight to get what the compensation you deserve.

How To Know if You Experienced a Mental Injury in the Workplace

Psychiatric and psychological injuries may occur after enduring a stressful or traumatic event that compromised your wellbeing. If you suffered physical injury in life-threatening circumstances at the workplace, you might also suffer from a mental injury. Here are some common symptoms:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Being easily startled
  • Sudden onsets of anger
  • Difficulty maintaining focus/concentration
  • Heightened irritability

If a traumatic situation occurred at your workplace, you might need legal help in receiving workers’ comp for mental health injuries. These require extensive care from medical professionals. Stress and depression can greatly affect an employee’s quality of work and may result in a reduction of income.

Contact an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Georgia About Your Mental Injury

Mental injuries are debilitating, just as physical ones can be. They require time for healing and treatment by capable healthcare professionals. Whether your mental injury arose from an experience or a long-term physical debilitation resulting from a job injury, reach out to our Atlanta offices for compassionate counsel. Contact The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson for legal advice on your type of case and to get the workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to under the law.