Can You Get Workers’ Compensation if You’re Injured at Your Summer Job?

Summer is right around the corner, which means that many Georgians will start working seasonal jobs once again — jobs that only exist during this time of year and will disappear again come September. Summer jobs can be as hazardous as any other, and injuries to temporary employees are not uncommon. If you were injured while working a summer job and believe it to be a result of negligence, you might be wondering if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation. The answer could be yes, but it depends on several factors, as does the amount of payment you receive.  

How Common Are Summer Job Injuries? 

Due to the nature of the season, many summer jobs are outside and involve physical labor. Summer is usually a popular time for home renovations, so the amount of carpenters and builders on the job tends to increase during this season. Some of the most dangerous summer jobs are held by carnival and fairground workers. These employees are continually setting up and taking down heavy equipment such as rides, stages, and speakers, which can lead to serious injury. Employees at docks or marinas (another popular summer locale) are at increased risk of drowning or near-drowning accidents.

Many temporary employees may think that they don’t qualify for workers’ compensation because their job is seasonal, but this is a misconception. In Georgia, even temporary employees who are hurt on the job should be compensated for the cost of their injuries by their employer’s insurance. 

How Do I File a Claim?

There are several things to consider when filing your claim if you suffered a catastrophic work injury and believe you are owed compensation. The first thing is that you must report your injury to your employer immediately. Cases may lose eligibility if they aren’t reported for 30 days, and sooner is always better. Secondly, even temporary employees can be deemed eligible for long-term benefits if the injury sustained is catastrophic. Temporary workers can also qualify to receive lost wages if they are forced to miss more than seven days of work due to injury.  

Sometimes, even fair claims for workers’ compensation can be denied, and in these situations, it can be unclear what to do. Companies have money and resources on their side, and you shouldn’t be left to fight them on your own. Having an experienced team of Atlanta workplace injury attorneys on your side can help ensure that you get what you deserve. Reach out to The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson to learn more about workers’ compensation in Georgia.