Carpal Tunnel Lawyer Serving Atlanta, Athens & Macon

carpal tunnel lawyer athens gaCarpal tunnel is one of those injuries that can creep up on you quietly, but for those who spend many years in certain work conditions—especially ones in which they pursue relatively repetitive hand motions—the painful and tedious syndrome is prevalent.

Carpal tunnel is most commonly thought of to affect office workers, but the wrist syndrome can also easily disturb people in other careers, such as:

  • Truck, public transportation vehicle operators and couriers
  • Musicians
  • Factory workers
  • Repair men and women
  • Restaurant workers, especially cooks and chefs

Many of the citizens of Athens, Atlanta and Macon, GA possess careers in all of the above professions, and unfortunately for a lot of them, carpal tunnel will become present in their lives. Darwin F. Johnson is a premier Georgia area lawyer who represents victims of work injuries, including syndromes like carpal tunnel.

The syndrome affects an eponymous passageway in the wrist and is the result of compression of the median nerve over time. If you’re feeling pain in your wrists, hands, fingers or thumbs, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. And if you’ve acquired it because of your job, you’re entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim with the help of a qualified lawyer.

carpal tunnel lawyer macon gaIf you decide to pursue action against your employer, you’ll need a dependable lawyer who knows the laws thoroughly. Darwin F. Johnson has ample experience and a track record to match the best when it comes to clients he’s represented from Athens, Macon, Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

If you’re in search of a good lawyer to help you fight for your rights in the wake of a work injury, call Darwin F. Johnson today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Because you deserve not to have to worry about finances when you’re trying to focus on healing!