Workplace Crush Injury – What to do Next?

workplace crush injury atlanta gaA workplace crush injury is physically devastating, often resulting in chronic pain, disability, limb loss or death. To quite literally add insult to injury, this kind of trauma also incurs deep financial hardship and emotional suffering. Medical bills are often the least of an injured worker’s (or their family members’) troubles: A crushed limb or other body part more often than not permanently affects someone’s ability to return to the workplace. Additionally, the emotional damage and strain caused by a devastating physical blow can cause depression, marital problems and other forms of distress.

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Many workers have suffered a workplace crush injury do not realize that such incidents are almost always preventable, which strengthens the case for compensation. Whether they’ve been hurt by collapsed construction materials or have been pinned between machinery or other objects, most workers who suffer a crushed limb or other part in the workplace are entitled to a settlement. Additionally, workers’ compensation isn’t the only form of settlement you may seek: extra parties like property owners and contractors may also be liable. You may also file a consortium claims if your marital relationships have been severely affected by your accident.

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