Knee Injury Attorney in Macon, Atlanta & Athens, GA

knee injury attorney macon gaA knee injury can set you back for months. Your body feels the awful physical pain, while your bank account also suffers because of the resulting consultation, surgery, rehabilitation and medicine.

If you have fallen due to ice, slipped on grease at work or were involved in an auto accident, Darwin F. Johnson is the attorney that will help you get the compensation you are owed. He and his firm serve residents in Macon, Atlanta and Athens, GA.

A knee injury can include damage to cartilage, tendons and bones, such as the femur, tibia and patella. Ligaments such as the ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL can be sprained or even torn. Arthroscopic surgery, braces, therapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine are some of the common treatments you could receive.

Dealing with a knee injury can keep you off your feet and not working. This makes it difficult to pay your mortgage, student loans, electric bill, etc., leaving you stressed and frantically searching for a solution. This is where a Darwin F. Johnson attorney can help.

An attorney here at the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson will help you with your knee injury, making sure that you receive the proper compensation and medical treatment you deserve. We will go over all of your medical records to determine the damage and work with you on how to proceed. With our aggressive tactics and years of experience, we make sure that no one takes advantage of you. Whether you need a back injury attorney in Athens, GA or a workplace crush injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Darwin F. Johnson has you covered.

If you are suffering from a knee injury, choosing a Darwin F. Johnson attorney can make a world of difference for residents of Macon, Atlanta and Athens, GA. We make sure insurance companies don’t delay your claim or minimize your payout. Call us today at 404-692-6482 to schedule a free consultation.