Do Not Fear the Deposition


You were injured in a work accident, and your employer was at fault, but they won’t admit it or take responsibility. You call a trusty compensation lawyer who serves Athens, GA and decide to pursue legal action.

Good for you! Standing up for YOUR rights isn’t going to be a cakewalk, but it’s important that you fight for what you’re entitled to. Besides, with me guiding you all along the way, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

But while I’ll fight my hardest to try and get you everything you deserve, you’re still going to have to be involved in parts of the legal process. One of those processes will likely be a deposition. Let’s go over what that means so you can be as prepared as possible!

What’s a Deposition?

A deposition is your initial testimony, but don’t get the wrong idea—it’s not anything like when you see an intense and nerve-racking testimony in a movie or on TV. The whole idea behind a deposition is that it takes place outside of the courtroom without a judge present. A deposition is an initial way for you to answer questions that your employer or insurance company’s lawyers will ask regarding your workplace injury.

Who Will Be There?

A lot of the time, your deposition will take place at my office. I’ll be there to assist you, and the lawyers of the party you’re suing will also be there to ask the questions. Furthermore, a court recorder will be there to write down or videotape the procedure. That person will also swear you in, as depositions always occur under oath.

Do I Need to Take My Deposition Seriously?

Yes! While a deposition won’t be as intimidating as a court testimony, it will play a crucial role in your overall case. The contents of the deposition will be used in court later on during your case, so don’t forget that you must tell the truth. If the presiding judge dictates that you weren’t being truthful during your deposition, that will undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on your case later down the line. Don’t be too nervous about your deposition, but remember to take it seriously as well.

So long as you tell the truth during the deposition portion of your case, everything else will be smooth sailing when it comes to the sea that is your workers’ compensation case. If you have any other questions, call me today and I’ll be glad to schedule a consultation! As Athens, GA’s work lawyer, you can count on me to serve you!