Past Medical History and Orthopedic Claims in Workers’ Comp

There are multiple essential points of inquiry that are crucial for physicians, defense counsel, and the employee to explore to decide the fairest and most accurate treatment and compensation. Before focusing on the negative results an employee suffers from in regards to orthopedic injury and workers comp, check out this infographic that lays out the medical due process.

The Nature of the Injury 

This is the starting point in each case. The first step is for the employee to write down in his or her own words any ailments and injuries they suffer. They are to include how the injury occurred and the location of pain on the body. This proper documentation is paramount for adjusters and medical practitioners to have on record before delving into any past medical history or pre-existing conditions.

Previous Accidents

Previous accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents, are then taken into account. General accidents can range from a slip-and-fall to a sports injury. From those that the employer sought treatment for, an adjuster or defense counsel will obtain prior records that reference their physicians and other pertinent documents. Previous chiropractic treatment will often have a direct impact on a claim involving the shoulders or spine. Also, prior X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and other relevant objective medical evidence will be essential for physicians who specialize in workers’ compensation.

Secondary Employment 

If it  involves physical activities, secondary employment may affect a claim. Whether the employee earns supplemental income by operating a meat slicer at a deli on the weekends or working a Christmas tree farm during the holiday season, another job that makes one prone to injury needs to be a consideration as the claim moves forward. 

Hobbies and Recreational Activities 

These may have a severe impact on the bones and muscles. The employee’s day-to-day occupation may exacerbate an injury, strain, or condition that resulted from participating in a sports league.

The importance of past medical records is vital to provide the employee with adequate treatment promptly. Being thorough could save the claimant time away from work and improve their quality of life.
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