The Difference Between Temporary Total and Partial Disability

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On-the-job injuries can take a devastating toll on both individuals and families leaving them with costly medical bills, lost wages, time away from work and in some cases partial or even permanent disabilities.

When people think of workers’ compensation, many mistakenly assume they only qualify for benefits if they become completely disabled under what’s called temporary total disability. This means your injury has left you disabled, but you are expected to make a full recovery and eventually return to work.

But, what some may not understand right away is another kind of workers’ compensation benefit exists that covers partial disability – this is called temporary partial disability.

Temporary Partial Disability

If your injured at work and the injury prevents you from working, you should qualify for lost-wage compensation. Although the incident may have left you dealing with certain limitations, you may still be able to return to work and perform certain duties. If this is the case and you are able to return to work but at a lesser rate of pay, you are entitled to receive temporary partial disability benefits.

Temporary partial disability benefits are paid to an injured employee if they return to work and due to their injury are unable to earn the equivalent amount they were earning prior to their disability.

The amount of money you receive as part of your benefit is based on the severity of your injury and the maximum weekly benefit to which you’re entitled is determined by the state of Georgia. The total amount can vary depending on certain factors unique to your case. But you should receive a percentage of the difference between what you were making before the accident compared to what you are offered after the injury.

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