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Dealing with a work related injury can be a stressful and frustrating situation. You may be unable to work due to your injury, which makes you unable to meet your financial needs. The worker’s benefits provided by your employer may not be enough to cover all of the expenses, leaving you with financial hardship. Work related injuries can happen due to exposure to chemicals, physical impact from equipment or the carelessness of co-workers.

Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies attempt to delay paying claims or deny them altogether. Taking your employer to worker’s compensation court to receive benefits and filing an insurance claim in the state of Georgia can be extremely complicated. With an experienced worker’s comp lawyer on your side, you can achieve the legal assistance you need to obtain the compensation you deserve as an injured employee. The lawyers of Darwin F. Johnson concentrate on work related injury cases and have won thousands of worker’s comp settlements for their clients.

Work Injury Lawyers in Athens, GA

As a top law firm in the Athens, GA area, our attorneys have gained a reputation for being the best, when it comes to personal injury situations that occur in the workplace. We take pride in being a leading group of worker’s compensation attorneys who are fully knowledgeable and experienced in the understanding of worker’s comp procedures and laws. We are passionate about helping our injured clients obtain the financial assistance they need through compensation.

Work Related Injury Lawyers

The lawyers of Darwin F. Johnson use the best legal strategies to fight insurance companies and protect the rights of their clients, as injured workers. It is disappointing how many insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid payment to injured workers, which is why the top lawyers of Athens, GA, work hard to combat the unfair schemes. We use effective legal strategies to defend our clients, and inform them of the best legal route for their situation. Our injured clients can depend on our attorneys to provide them with top legal guidance, filling out paperwork, offering the best legal advice and negotiating with the insurance companies. Your worker’s comp case in Athens, GA, is worth the pursuit to Darwin F. Johnson, and we act immediately once you get in contact with our attorneys.

If you reside in the Athens, GA, area and have suffered a work related injury, get in touch with our law firm at Darwin F. Johnson today. You won’t be charged a penny unless we settle your case, and the payment would be based on a percentage of the award. We offer free consultations and can travel to where you are located for the meeting.

If you are looking for a workman’s comp lawyer in Macon, GA, or a workman’s comp lawyer in Savannah, GA, our top rated law firm also serves those areas as well. To pursue the compensation you need to support you throughout your recovery, give us a call and one of our lawyers will schedule a time to meet with you.