How to Prepare for Your Workers’ Comp Hearing

Workers’ compensation hearings take place due to a dispute between an employee and his or her employer. They determine the extent of benefits that are to be given out to the claimant. Minor cases often settle internally, but some more severe claims warrant representation and legal recourse. These usually involve permanent disability or the extent that the workplace has to do with the injury itself. If you file a claim, we highly advise that you are represented by a workers’ compensation lawyer to protect yourself and fight for your best interest. 

While an attorney will adequately understand the legal intricacies of workers’ compensation and employment policies, there are still ways to ensure your workers’ comp hearing results in getting the benefits you deserve.

Before Your Hearing

Commit facts about your claim to memory. A summary of the injury’s cause and location, a timeline of appropriate medical treatment, and a comprised of witnesses who can testify will all help identify any discrepancies that may come up on the day of the hearing. Review all pertinent records and talk to your coworkers present at the time of your injury. Be prepared to verbalize any of your afflictions succinctly and to their full extent.

During Your Hearing

Dress appropriately and appear well-groomed. Bring any medical equipment you need for your mobility and day-to-day life as a result of any treatment you may have received after the injury, a cane, hearing implants, etc. Display proper court etiquette; be respectful, listen when appropriate, and do not let perceived unfair treatment in the courtroom influence a display of emotion that the judge may take into account negatively. Refer to your lawyer as needed.

After Your Hearing

The judge’s written order should come out a few weeks after the hearing. If you do not agree with the order, you may file an appeal, which often has a due date.

Here at The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson, we believe your health and finances need the very best representation when it comes to a work-related injury. If you need preparation for a court hearing, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.