3 Ways to Avoid Heat Stroke When on the Job

Frequently, workers are unaware of the fact that workers’ comp doesn’t just cover visible injuries such as broken bones. In Georgia, as well as in many other states, incurring a heat stroke while working can be grounds for filing a compensation claim if one can prove that the job itself caused the heat exhaustion, and that management was negligent in providing adequate respite from the elements.

If you have recently suffered from severe heat exhaustion while on the clock, then you may be eligible for compensation. Be sure to reach out to Darwin F. Johnson, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, for a consultation on your rights and dues.

Otherwise, there are precautions and safety measures that you can adopt to help you avert a heat stroke while working out in the Georgia heat.

  1. Stay hydrated

While it might be easy to forget to take care of yourself during a busy workday, it is essential to make sure that you drink enough water when laboring outside. Not only will keeping a bottle of water on you help quench your thirst during the day, but you can even help your teammates avoid heat exhaustion by sharing your water with others.

  1. Guard against sunburn

Sunburn can negatively impact your body’s ability to cool itself. To avoid sunburns, be sure to apply some sunscreen, or perhaps more if you are perspiring heavily. You can also ward off the sun with a broad hat and proper sunglasses.

  1. Watch your medications

Certain medications can affect your body’s ability to dissipate heat and remain hydrated. If you are currently taking any pills or medications, consult with a doctor or pharmacist to check whether or not your meds have dehydration listed as a common, or at least possible, side effect.

If you have suffered from a heat stroke or any other accident at the workplace, it is vital that you have the right attorneys backing you up in court. To get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer here in Atlanta, don’t wait to call The Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson today at 404-692-6482 for a completely free consultation.