Will I Get More Workers’ Compensation if I Have a Higher Salary?

Everyone knows that Workers’ Compensation pays for an injured worker’s medical care and cost of living while they’re out of work, but how far does it go? If you are a first-time injured worker who will be out of work for a while, you are likely wondering how much money you should expect to be living on. If you were in a higher-paying managerial position before your catastrophic work injury, you may want to know if you’ll be able to maintain the same lifestyle while out on workers’ comp. The answer can vary from case to case, but there are a few things all injured workers in Atlanta should know about the benefits that you’re entitled to. 

Medical Benefits   

The cost of hospital stays and medical equipment can be astronomical if you have a serious injury, which is why medical benefits are such a major part of any workers’ compensation case. They are exactly what they sound like, your employer’s insurance will cover the cost of all the medical care you need as a result of your injury, from the day you are injured until your case is settled. The cost of medical care is often the main reason people file claims for work injuries, if you were injured at work, a trustworthy workers’ compensation attorney can help make sure you don’t have to foot the bill for expensive medical treatment. 

Disability Benefits 

This is the second important part of your workers’ compensation settlement. If you were left unable to work because of your injuries, your company should pay you replacement wages until you are well enough to work again. This is where the question about salary comes in, do higher earners command higher disability benefits? The answer is generally yes, but you should not expect to make the entirety of your normal salary while you’re out on disability. 

In Georgia, the general rule is that disabled workers should receive two thirds (or 66.67%) of their regular weekly wages. Payments will be made for 400 weeks or until you are well enough to work again- whichever comes first.  

With all these details in play, it can be difficult for an average worker to hold their employer accountable for injuries sustained at work. Companies have money and lawyers on retainer to protect themselves, workers need an advocate too. If you need a lawyer for a neck or spinal injury sustained at work, and want to make sure you’re compensated fairly, reach out to the Law Office of Darwin F Johnson today!